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Watercolor Plants

Campus Flora & Fauna

The ecological history of the region (Coromandel coast) is the important reason behind the rich biodiversity of the campus. The campus was a part of the then Governor's Lodge (present Guindy National Park ). Both GNP(Guindy National Park) as well as IIT campus have about 300 species of trees and plants with quite a large number of native wild species, which are unique to the tropical, dry evergreen vegetation. This is also one of the least common type of vegetation found in India. Hence, it is very important to protect the native wild species for the healthy future of the place. After the establishment of IIT, lot of native species were replaced by exotic, non-regional avenue trees and garden plants.

Most of the animal/bird/insect life found in the campus are native, wild species, except for the Spotted Deer which were introduced to the GNP in 1940's.

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